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Estate Sales

Losing a loved one is very emotional and dealing with the disposition of an estate during this time can be overwhelming. In these times of sadness, we offer a professional, compassionate service that will have your family’s best interest at heart. Our goals are to minimize your stress, sell every item and maximize revenue.

Moving Sales

Moving is one of the most stressful transitions in life.  The decision of what to keep and what to get rid of in itself can be daunting, but this stress can be eased by having a plan for getting rid of those unwanted items.  Once you’ve made the decision on what to let go, we will take care of the rest – start to finish!

Having a sale scheduled, encourages you to stop procrastinating, and start sorting!  You can make some money from the sale itself and save money by reducing the size truck needed or the weight of the goods being moved.  Save your back too!  Less to pack, less to load and unload.

As part of our standard services, we will:

  • Organize the items to be sold and prepare for the sale.
  • Value and price all items.
  • Display items in a manner conducive to maximizing sales.
  • Collect and dispose of items that cannot be sold prior to the sale. *
  • Arrange and pay for advertising
  • Provide signs the day of the sale, both in the yard and in the vicinity of the sale, as permitted by local ordinances.
  • Provide all staff required for the sale.
  • Conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner with the objective of selling every item and maximizing the proceeds from the sale.
  • Take reasonable steps to guard against theft.
  • Arrange for the donation or disposal of unsold items at the conclusion of the sale  A tax receipt will be provided for the donated items.
  • Provide a written summary/final accounting of the sales results.

Each sale is personalized to fit the needs of the seller.

Additional services are available if requested. Below is a sample of some of our additional services.
  • Cleaning prior to the sale if the home is in such a condition as this is required.
  • Organizing the removal and storage of items.
  • Sourcing additional security, if requested.
  • Post-sale cleaning and minor handyman work in in order to prepare the home for sale.

No two sales are the same

we offer customizable services depending on your specific needs.

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