Sale Example

There are a few things families or individuals that are rightsizing can do advance of us coming in to set up for the sale.

Not For Sale

Remove items from the residence that are not for sale. We know in some cases this is impossible, but at minimum know which items will not be part of the sale, so they can be isolated in a designated area of the home until they can be removed.

Shred Paperwork

Go through and dispose of unwanted personal paperwork. Many local businesses offer bulk shredding services if you don’t have time to do it yourself. In a few cases, clients have contracted us to sort through and pull out possibly relevant documentation and to dispose of the remainder. This service is available for an additional charge.


If there is a vehicle involved and title needs to be transferred on it prior to the sale, start that process. Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has an excellent tool on their website that walks you through the process of title transfer and required documentation.

What's It Worth?

Don’t try and decide what is sellable – leave that to us. People will buy partial bottles of cleaner, tupperware lids with no bottoms and chipped collectibles. Throwing away things is throwing away money!

No matter how small, everything can be sold for something!

Sale Example

Here is an example of how we find a house on entry for the first time and how we work through everything to get ready for Day 1 of a Sale. Everything gets pulled out, cleaned if needed, researched, displayed and individually priced. We often look to advertise furniture and other large items prior to the sale to maximize the potential income for our clients.

Complete Estate Service Example

Set Up Team In Action

Finished Set Up Example

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